IPTV Solutions


During business events NRITV lets your company connects with management group such as Budget meetings, Cloud conferences, new product launches & Demos, Gatherings. These presentations can be viewed by employees, customers and shareholders on Smart Phone/ Smart TV’s and many more IOT devices, Mobile / Smartphone’s, PC’s/Laptops, Tablets.


Organizers of conferences can connect remotely with attendees with the help of NRITV. We can help engage audience worldwide whether it’s a live discussion or streaming a video conference.


Members can watch religious events which are being broadcast such as religious ceremonies. These Programs can be viewed by members on Smart TV’s and, Mobile / Smartphone’s, PC’s/Laptops, Tablets.


Whether its weddings, birthday parties, functions, seminars, training sessions, NRITV allows agencies or organizers to broadcast the events on web to reach the consumer/members who are not physically present at the event. Viewers can watch on Smart TV’s, Mobile / Smartphone’s, PC’s/Laptops, Tablets.


Student’s gatherings / events, Lectures, online presentations, Seminars, Graduation ceremonies, NRITV expands the reach of schools/Institutions to students, parents, alumni to watch the events on Smart TV’s, Mobile / Smartphone’s, PC’s/Laptops, Tablets even though they are not physically at the event.

Political/ Public functions & events

Supporters, voters, political experts can watch campaigns, press conferences, debates, budgets sessions on Smart TV’s, Mobile / Smartphone’s, PC’s/Laptops, Tablets by the help of NRITV

Entertainment/News – Soap/dramas, short films

NRITV lets fans/supporters connect with live stage shows, music concerts, Dramas, Movies. Viewers can watch on TV’s connected with Roku, Mobile / Smartphone’s, PC’s/Laptops, Tablets.

IPTV Solutions